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Barnfind in 2006 1955 Volkswagen

From the barn when I first saw it in 2006, jippie!
The fiftyfive was realy nice. I was even able to drive it home the 15 km to my garage.
It had been stored in the barn since 81, that is realy good.
The only issue was that the clutch slipped the last 500 meters and there was an annoying cop on motorbike just behind me. lucky for me she continued on the bigger road when i made a turn to my garage.

Bug was restored /hotted up in ca 80/81 for a wife to have as a second car.
But when the man finisched it so she could try out her new ride, she decided that this car was not good for her. So it was sold to the gentleman I bought it from.
In the end of the deal I asked who the previuos owner was, and it turned out I know this guy Tord,
Tord who had carfully painted the whole car inside and out, and also fitted the red 1980 style long haired "plysch"

The engine lid was wrong, also the spring mount was cracked so a correct W-moddel had to be fitted.
Later when I asked Tord about if he could remember what the paint code was, he replyed
-Wait and i'll check the paint can in my storage! (He has hes own paint shop)
The code was however not there anylonger since the label had faded.
The paint was however fresh, and a whole litre. Remember it had been there on the shelf in 26 years!

This is an older one-layer metallic, you dont have to clearcoat it.
It must be very toxic, it smellt far worse then todays paint. The result was bad since I had to high airpressure. Shit the same the car will at some point get a new paint, I think the original is
L 227 strato silver, but im not sure since the seats are beige. I have too peel of more to be sure.

Tord also told me about the interior, the car had been of trafic since at least -72 when the registration plates changed and it was the father of hes wife who had it since new.
That man had been very careful about the beetle and the interior was relly good when he ripped it out and installed the plysch, remember this was really cool back then in the early eighties. Maybe still cool, hum?

Also, the so 80's: small diameter chrome and foam Superior steering wheel.
This is the red "Plysch"

Just missed a hefty fine for driving an non registered, non insurred, non MOT or TUF inspection.
Back in the Garage!

Inspection, not much "mark my own spot with oil" here

I have had several beetels, but never a so smooth running engine.
Im amazed how strong it runs! (I have had 300hp nissans too ;) )
It's 30 hp and I have made one 1680 km weekend trip and one was ca 1400km
The go deep with a 30hp, or be bitten by the bug:
From the beggining it just feels slow.
After a while when you have been driving you tend to plan the driving on a whole diffrent way commpared to how you use a modern car.
Also the feeling with how much nearer everything the driving is.
Noices "What the heck was that sound".
The road changes "the feeling from the direct steering, brakes, suspension".
Drive efficent, "build up speed in down slopes to not loose too much at the hills".
This is something every car driver should try.
Im sure the volvo guy behind cant figgure,
-Why the h#¤£ is he first speeding then suddenly doing 50km/h in this small hill where I cant pass him!

The test.
This is how i did: Alone home drive from SCC in Oslo to Östersund ca 550 km.
55 bug, 30 hp, no fuel gauge, no clock, no mobile phone (no charger when 6v)
"a little bit the day after"
Deserted wildernes with bears and big pigs too! see pic.
It was an amazing trip home, I didn't get home before darknes and it started raining.
Im really happy I have the 6V to rely on.
Quite the opposit for me working with xenon head lights all day at work.
The pic is borrowed from the boys who went by campers, I had no camera.

The speedo was on 16 km when I bought it.
There is two options.
1 The bug had turned 1 lap on the trip.
2 The restorer zeroed it when it was restored in -81
The bug was not used from -72 when they got the new registration numbers.
And also lost it's registration at the 70'ies since it was not used
and mabye they did not pay the fees for it.
Then most likely used a little when the restoration was made.
Then driven to the barn where is stood until 2006 when I bought it.
It is not compleetly unlikely the bug only made 16 km between ~72 too 06

This is the current state of the 55 bug, I think I have added 6800km to this date (2011).

Best Regards Henrik 2011-11-27

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