söndag 27 november 2011

Barnfind in 2011 1951 (1952) Volkswagen

Barn find 2011.
Stored dry since 1978

With thoughts written for joy.Hum! Did not look as good as back in 97 or 98 when I first looked at the car.
Also right front wing is newer, damn

Turns out that allmoust every important split part is still there, might be a "good too keep as orignal car"... exept
No bumpers, lucky is I have at least one front bummpy, so only need the rear then.
Hey this bug would fit nicely whit T-bars. hum di dum di dum
Engine is in another barn but realy dirty, and only 25hp, and "Something was pad with a piston". Lucky is I've got the porsche 356 motor or one of the 34 horse industrial engines.
Hmm wonder how the crash box will hold up if going that route.

Bottle of glycol?

Missing the rear view mirror and the interior light glas.
Wonder if Katrina ever would sit in that backseat in free will.
Uff.. why has the steering wheel dryed up, last one took a week to restore.
And no horny button. Lucky is I spotted the speedo in one of the other cars...

Registered as a year model 1951 and the vin plate said baujahr 1952
Chassis number tells us it was made late february 1952.
Registration was paid for, jippie no need to sponsor SBP with that.

There was no pictures when pulling it out the barn since the helpful owner kindly had put it outside for me to pick it up.

This patina would be grate to save.

These two (in the pic below) 16" wheels with wonderful diagonal tire in the front and wintertire in the back looked realy nice and I have to take a better photo from the side view of the car.
Sadly the snow strucked so I wasn't able to wash it of and photo more of the car.
Sorry bout the crappy pics.
This was the first snow this year, a little late on first advent.
I sold my snowmobile the day before and I felt sorry for the guy that there was no snow at all.
Maybe he knew somethig I didn't. Lucky is I got anotherone (snowmobile).

More pics to follow.
Wonder if it's hard to fake patinate a set of BRM's or even Fuchs :)

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