torsdag 26 november 2009

A few of my earlier bugs and busses

This -64 Variant was one of my best cars I ever had, and missing now.
I bought it for 500kr (ca 50 Eur) . Spent a month or so with fixes.
Don't remember if the orignal engine did work or not, but at some point I built a new 1600cc motor, It ran strong. I did drive it one month or so too school in the winter.
But when the eber only made smoke inside the car, and the 30+ year old winter tires lost all there studs since they where so hard. Finaly the mastercylinder freezed. I borrowed my sisters passat when she was gone all vinter 1998 racing snow board in the olympic games in Nagano.

I went to bug run with this car in -98. Those where the happy days of bug run for me.
I sold it to a guy in the southern part of Sweden Skåne (what a shame) for 14 or 15000kr (1500eur) (a good price rallye at that time.) That was when I was working at Ericsson a few weeks in Katrineholm (Never again)

He then sold it 2 years or so for 7000Kr (Why this sudden drop) I called to buy it back but some Danish fella had bougt it (Shame again)

I have always hoped to see the nutria brown 1500S in volksworld or UltraVW at some VW-meeting. But nothing so far. This is one of the coolest colours on a type 3.

The -67 1500 6V

My first Beetle - Still owns
This was the look I gave it. I did everything on this car exept the paint that I left to a proffesional named Nisse. I had a summer work as a student at the age of 17 cuting gras and much other work on a music school named Birka. (it was acctually a realy funny job)
Two full months hard work to earn 5000kr (500 eur) Maybe the paint in total was 5500kr
Much monney for me back then.

I have had much fun with this car but for some reason it has eaten gearboxes for breakfirst and been standing a lot. It also has bent the chassis fork under the gear box. Wonder if there is a bad combination with soft springs (first year on 67 with Z-bar)
Heavy type 4 motor and fun driving.

The 67 was ready 1 month before i got my drivers licence I was 18y and 1 month when I took my first own drive in it (leagaly). A 12"coustic bass in the rearcompartmet shelf a kit system in kickpanels front was important stuff. It was great.

The -67 is under a very slow restoration, renovation in ultrarapid.
But at some point it will bee hard as nails old shool cal-looker in it's original withe hue.
And in my highest effort of finnish, I will only use the best things for it.
Not ever brake another gear box, or I will scrap her.

The 56 deluxe, Sold to UK
-62 Saved from the grave. Sold.
Realy nice -62 object, for sale, maybe to good to sell, cant find any other so rustfree.
15000kr price now this vinter 2011.
The paint is shoot, but the steele is good under.
tow arm test
-62 Made from leftovers
No rust at all -56 /-57
The -55
-73 bus 1700
-70 bus 1600
Time to do something about this one.
This one is nice, 15Window 1960

The snowmobile garage. -66

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